a snapshot

Making : chirstmas decorations.  more like getting tangled in red yarn, but I'm trying.
Cooking : breakfast. it's been the laziest morning around here.
Drinking : coffee.  duh.
Reading:  Call the Midwife.  only two chapters left, but I can't seem to finish the darn thing.  need new book suggestions!
Wanting: to find a perfect christmas gift for my hubby.  He usually gets short changed in the gift department.  Lets just say, I didn't get that "gift"
Looking: forward to getting our first Christmas tree.
Playing:  Ingrid Michaelson Pandora
Wasting:  time.  I should be in the shower.
Sewing:  nope.
Wishing:  for snow.
Enjoying:  a lazy Saturday at home.  These never happen, and I'm just trying to soak it all up.
Waiting:  for Trevin.  Whats new ;)
Liking:  our unheated little apartment.  There are things I could complain about this place, but I truly am so happy that we live here.  Extra cuddling?  Don't mind if I do!
Wondering:  where our future will take us.
Loving:  being married to Trevin.  It really is the BEST.
Hoping:  that I'm doing this whole life thing right.
Marvelling: at life.  I'll save that for another post soon.
Needing: a shower.
Smelling: Balsam Fur room spray.  Feels like Maine.
Wearing: sweats and my trusty L.L.Bean slippers.  Our motto is "just throw on another sweatshirt and jump in your sleeping bag!"  Yes, its that cold in our house.
Following: a schedule.
Noticing: my toast is burning.
Knowing: that I am beyond blessed to be living this life I have.
Thinking: about wedding pics.  I still have to go through all 34,593028498.9 of them.
Feeling: excited for Christmas.
Bookmarking: recipes.  The healthy ones.
Opening: ummm.
Giggling: with Trevin. Because this man knows how to make me laugh all. the. time.
Feeling: thankful. There are things that could change and blah blah blah, but darn it I'm pretty blessed to be right where I am. 
I found this list over at the Day Book Blog and thought it would be fun!