i'm not dead

...my blog just looks like i am.
i've just been a little (lot) bit busy.
last week was full of either working, or squeezing in an extra hour here or there with the globe-trotting-world-saving boyfriend i call my own. and maybe i slept for an hour or two. i can't really remember.

THIS week though... i have been doing positively, abstatutely nothing. all while lounging on a beach with my sunglasses, a book, and peace&quiet. pure bliss i tell you.
since i took the time to get dressed a whopping 3 times this week, i don't have many pictures. but i will throw a little vacay re-cap up verrrry shortly.
until then, a very un happy weekend from me to you. (i'm only un-happy because my vacation is ending... not. ready. to. face. the. real. world.)

{and hello to you, boyfriend:) i'm counting down the days until you're mine again!}



gratefulwarmly or deeply appreciative of kindness or benefits received, thankful:[source] 

i am so grateful for the women in my life, my mom, and grandma, and that i have been able to grow up with their love and instruction.  let me tell you.  these women are incredible.  they can cook like no one's business, create beauty out of anything, and love even when you're extremely unlovable.  and those genes, wow, i'm a lucky girl.  (i bet you can't guess how old young my grandma is!)
since life has been so much busier for all 3 of us lately, the time we have together is even more precious and something to treasure.  we spent the afternoon at Hillwood Estates in D.C. last week celebrating my grandma's birthday.  it couldn't have been more lovely.  that rose garden was. beautiful.
and what day isn't perfect when you end it with georgetown cupcakes?! 
i love those women, and admire them. so. much.