our first Christmas

Although we've spent the past 5 Christmases together, there was something note worthy about our first Christmas as husband and wife.  This was the year new traditions were started, old ones were merged and to be perfectly honest, it was harder than I expected. It seemed like such a whirlwind of a season. There was so much to do... Picking out the perfect first tree, decorating, and planning our course of action for which family and when. We are so blessed to have almost all of our family within driving distance, but this year, all four stops between Christmas Eve and Christmas Day were reduced down to two.  
My family celebrated on Chrsitmas Eve this year, which was new for everyone, but I have to say it was my favorite one yet.  We spent Christmas day with the Hoekzema crew and our Aussie friends.  The two day span was filled with so much laughter and so many memories, the pain of sacrifice was soon forgotten.  I loved our first Christmas together.  We both grew(up) a little bit, and learned to be thankful for what we have, instead of dwelling of what we're missing.