lately, i've been on. the. go.  
but i've been trying extra hard to slow down and enjoy the small joys of spring before they're long gone. 

one of my favorites is sitting on a sunny patio with my main man.

my mom is in the wedding business, and this weekend's wedding has a candy buffet so we have TONS of candy in our house.  major test of will power!  but i love these colors. and jelly belly's bring back so many memories of my brother when we were growing up. 

These sweet flowers are springing up all over our garden!  I really love seeing their color after a dull winter.

i'm shopping for wedding invitations!!!  not exactly an enjoyment. but i love looking at all of the different fonts and i love paper. weird? maybe... 


spring break from my phone

 a day on ocracoke island
//beer///light houses//ferry rides//bike rides//
 my mom insists on annual easter egg hunts//watching sunsets with my squeeze
family time on the beach//sunsets from our balcony
what happens at pops...//pop himself//crawfish//margs!

over the past year and a half both of my brothers moved to the Outer Banks in North Carolina.  we grew up vacationing there so it's like a second home to us.  having a reason to visit the beach frequently isn't the worst position a girl could be in.
spring break couldn't have come at a better time.  school is really picking up, and i was missing time with my family.  my parents, trevin and i packed up and spent a blustery week in the OBX. (insert jumping up and down)


friday letters

dear spring break, thanks for showing up finally!  i wish you could stick around longer (long enough to actually warm up) but i guess i should get this semester over with, huh?
speaking of the semester...
dear school, i'm so tired of you and your shenanigans.
dear family, i love you. i'm so thankful for the time we had together this week. playing on the beach, and our annual easter egg hunt were the highlights of the trip. oh, and taco night.  it's always a highlight. the next time we'll be all together is for my wedding!!! eek!
dear derriere, sorry about the road tripping that happened this week.  i wish you would stop falling asleep though.  thats just weird.
dear Pop's resturant, your fried pickles. are. da. bomb. which brings me to...
dear working out, it's just you and me now, pal.  no exceptions.   i've got a wedding dress to wear this summer!
dear exam.... i'm going to kick your little tush this next week. just wait and see!