a showering.

this past weekend I threw a bridal shower for my best girlfriend, lauren.
for the past 2 months i've been trying to figure out how to do this whole bridesmaid thing.
coordinating all of the other bridesmaids, moms, aunts, and all of the other shenanigans that comes with a wedding. man!  talk about being fed to the wolves.  I guess I've got to start somewhere!  this is just the first of many weddings to come.
we had wooden spoons for guests to write their marriage advice on, wedding vow mad-libs (which were hilarious!!) and had a contest for making toilet paper wedding dresses.

i'll let these pictures do the rest of the talking :) (sorry for the photo dump!)

me, haley(bride's little sister), lauren(the bride), janina, sarah(future sister-in-law ), and karen(cousin).

now.. time to plan bachelorette party, and get this girl married!
have you been to any bridalshowers or bachelorette parties lately?? what are your favorite games/activites?


one month

....until school starts. ugh. don't even want to think about it.
not wanting to think about it, i had a dream about it! not cool, ok dreams?

at the beginning of every summer my brain starts reeling with to-do lists, and everything I want to accomplish during the whirlwind of a summer coming up.
i never write the list, just keep it jumbled in my head.
i might be afraid that if i write it out, i'll see it months later and fee like a slacker.
i almost never accomplish everything on that said list. i know, very unfortunate.
this summer, however, i am wishing i wrote out my summer list, because (pay attention)
i'm actually doing things! 
there's a first for everything people.

currently i am putting the finishing touches on tons of little crafties for my bestie's bridal shower, there is a first coat of paint on my bathroom walls, i am heading out today to buy diy supplies to finish off that bathroom of mine.  it doesn't sound like a whole lot, but inbetween working, and trying to relax a little, i'm feeling quite accomplished lately.
i hate to say that boyfriend being gone has upped my productivity, but it might have. (sorry, boyfriend) but when he comes home in 12 days (count it! twelve days!!!!), there will be the opposite effect. and i'm ok with it :)

here's a little sneak-peek of the color happening in my bathroom!  i'm over the moon excited! (my bathroom has been white for 23 years, guys. bo-ring!)
and we like to get a little silly when we do projects around the house. gotta have some fun! :)

do you make summer lists?? if so, what's on yours this time around?

side note!!!(per boyfriend's request)  that little note on the was was to boyfriend, he got the first look at the color ;)


stepping out, and apple cider vinegar.

practice. practice.
that's what i'm doing these days. 
practice throwing out inhibitions.
i'm afraid i care too much about what others think.
"what do they think of me when i wear this shirt? paired with these shoes??"
it's something I struggle with on the daily.
some mornings i revert to my typical, boring v-neck tee and chino shorts.
because it's easy.
even though I would rather wear something else. 
something that makes me feel more confident and more me.
this summer i'm challenging myself to step out of my comfort zone.
so here I go... stepping out. 
this week i stepped out.  
and i was so happy.
so confident.
so me.

apple cider vinegar.
i'm using it on my face!!!
yup. I read about it over here
i'm on day 2. and i heard that it may cause nasty breakouts at first.
(because the vinegar brings all the icky stuff to the surface of your skin.)
but if you can suck it up for a week or two,
your face will thank you. 
also. i wouldn't recommend it if you can't stand the smell of vinegar.
the smell does go away though.
I'll letcha know how it goes this week.
p.s. you have to use organic apple cider vinegar. with the mother.
it's key.

if you try it let me know!! 



thank goodness!

(LG and me!)

(the boys napped while the girls made lunch)

(Bella stayed afloat in her life vest!)


(desi is queen of the boat. period.)

(daniel got lucky!)

(sometimes makeup isn't even an option)


(crazy girls, anyone?)

my weekend was spent at a lake house with friends.  we spent the majority of our time swimming in the water, or boating on the water.  there were definitely some dance parties, some movie watching, corn on the cob eating, card playing, and a leeeetle bit of fishing.  

boyfriend, you were missed!  we'll go again when you come home! 

how did you spend your weekend?


...and that is exactly what boyfriend has done... he is off in Ghana now, for a 6 week internship where he will put to use his training in economic community development{its ok, i don't get it either}
i am so proud of him.  yes, these 6 weeks are going to be hard. and if i was the one going, i would probably have said no, simply because its the easier answer.  but boyfriend does the best, and usually not-so-easy things in life, and for that i couldn't be more proud.
he is blogging while he is over there, so go check it out here!

love you, boyfriend. come home in one piece please!