thank goodness!

(LG and me!)

(the boys napped while the girls made lunch)

(Bella stayed afloat in her life vest!)


(desi is queen of the boat. period.)

(daniel got lucky!)

(sometimes makeup isn't even an option)


(crazy girls, anyone?)

my weekend was spent at a lake house with friends.  we spent the majority of our time swimming in the water, or boating on the water.  there were definitely some dance parties, some movie watching, corn on the cob eating, card playing, and a leeeetle bit of fishing.  

boyfriend, you were missed!  we'll go again when you come home! 

how did you spend your weekend?


  1. this weekend I laid out on the Afram Plains and got a nice sunburn! While finishing the second Hunger Games... haha :)

  2. oh gosh, that fish is HUGE!! all great pictures, girl!
    xo TJ