an etsy little christmas!

hey guys!  sorry for my absence... Things have been a little hectic around here.  since i last posted, i've been to maine for thanksgiving, and climbed the to the top of a homework mountain.  ok, i know that is only two things, but really. it was a lot.  trust me.
now that the hard part of my semester is over. you heard me. O.V.E.R.  i can't stop thinking about christmas, and everything that comes along with the season. including shopping.  and speaking of shopping... i need to tell you about this Etsy shop guys, i love it!!!  not only because my brother and his girlfriend are the geniuses behind Spinfinite Designs, but because it is loaded with unique, one of a kind, hand made treasures designed with love!  here are some of my favorites...
(i almost don't want to share, because once these items are gone, they're GONE!  of course they make more, but everything is one of a kind)

don't you just love this funky, beachy, earthy stuff?!  you can find anything from hand made necklaces, creative prints, hats, and unique notebooks.  if you haven't jumped on over there yet, go check out their products! you won't regret it :) 


flies and fishing.

Fly Fishing: Contemplative Recreation from Brian Wilcox on Vimeo.

this video makes my heart melt into a puddle.
let me tell you, nothing makes trevin happier than a perfect fall day spent on a river with a fly rod in his hands, and a cigar in his mouth.  this video, sans cigar, completely captures trevin in his element. plus it was shot in the peak of our maryland fall explosion.
so i may be a tiny bit biased since the main character is my soon to be hubby, and the creator, brian, is a dear friend of ours. but really, the video. wowzers.
and getting that furry thing growing on trevin's face in real time action? priceless. if you didn't get the hint boat load of sarcasm. go back and re read that. 
brian is a.maaazing behind the camera, illustrating, video-ing, and animating.
seriously. he's genius, people.
brian also took our engagement photos, annnd is creating our save-the-dates for our wedding.  i can't wait to see how they turn out!
i guess what i'm trying to say is...
we are so blessed to have such talented friends.
and i hope you enjoyed the video :)

currently, brian's website is under construction. but when it's finished, if you're a betting person, you can bet it will be right *here*. for now you can click the link on the video to see his other vimeo videos.


the best of intentions.

do you gals have any holiday crafts you plan on making this winter?
I feel like I always have the best of intentions, but get caught up somehow and never get around to making any!!
I am resolved to be productive this winter (i do, afterall have practically 2 minths off of school!)
I would love to hear about the crafts you're going to make or the treats you want to bake. (that rhymed! ha)
happy friday!


i mustache you a question.

ok, not really, but i couldn't think of a better title for this post because--- 
it's about mustaches!  
i was reading over at tippee canoe and stumbled across a post of hers about movember.  now, i've always heard about (and experienced) no shave november.  but movember?! never.  
i like it a lot more than no shave november, because rather than men just having excuses of growing things on their faces all for the sake of the month of the year, or just to keep their faces warm, they are raising awareness for mens health.  
(and lets face it girlies, who needs an excuse not to shave in the winter?!)

with my experience in nursing school, some of men's health issues are silent in the body, until it's too late.  so, movember raises awareness for those health issues.  

here's my main man sporting his mustachio in ghana this summer...
(he didn't need much encouragement to do it again for movember!)

stay healthy and hairy, men! 
(and go get your prostate checked)

and happy saturday :)