an etsy little christmas!

hey guys!  sorry for my absence... Things have been a little hectic around here.  since i last posted, i've been to maine for thanksgiving, and climbed the to the top of a homework mountain.  ok, i know that is only two things, but really. it was a lot.  trust me.
now that the hard part of my semester is over. you heard me. O.V.E.R.  i can't stop thinking about christmas, and everything that comes along with the season. including shopping.  and speaking of shopping... i need to tell you about this Etsy shop guys, i love it!!!  not only because my brother and his girlfriend are the geniuses behind Spinfinite Designs, but because it is loaded with unique, one of a kind, hand made treasures designed with love!  here are some of my favorites...
(i almost don't want to share, because once these items are gone, they're GONE!  of course they make more, but everything is one of a kind)

don't you just love this funky, beachy, earthy stuff?!  you can find anything from hand made necklaces, creative prints, hats, and unique notebooks.  if you haven't jumped on over there yet, go check out their products! you won't regret it :) 

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