flies and fishing.

Fly Fishing: Contemplative Recreation from Brian Wilcox on Vimeo.

this video makes my heart melt into a puddle.
let me tell you, nothing makes trevin happier than a perfect fall day spent on a river with a fly rod in his hands, and a cigar in his mouth.  this video, sans cigar, completely captures trevin in his element. plus it was shot in the peak of our maryland fall explosion.
so i may be a tiny bit biased since the main character is my soon to be hubby, and the creator, brian, is a dear friend of ours. but really, the video. wowzers.
and getting that furry thing growing on trevin's face in real time action? priceless. if you didn't get the hint boat load of sarcasm. go back and re read that. 
brian is a.maaazing behind the camera, illustrating, video-ing, and animating.
seriously. he's genius, people.
brian also took our engagement photos, annnd is creating our save-the-dates for our wedding.  i can't wait to see how they turn out!
i guess what i'm trying to say is...
we are so blessed to have such talented friends.
and i hope you enjoyed the video :)

currently, brian's website is under construction. but when it's finished, if you're a betting person, you can bet it will be right *here*. for now you can click the link on the video to see his other vimeo videos.

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