4 years of lovin you.

i was on campus heading to a final lab practical when the cute boy from bible study passed me in the hall way.  we chatted for a minute, sharing awkward smiles, and agreeing that we were "SO ready" for our first semester of college to be over.  he told me good luck, and that he would be in the library all day, and that i could join him ( he offered to help me study for my math final).  so obviously i met him in the library later that day... (cute boy+math help = uh, yes please!) 
well we never actually studied.  we just *silently* laughed all day, and avoided our studies (i don't know how either of us actually passed those exams!)  eventually he got me to agree to getting sushi with him.  kinda as a celebratory dinner after the semester.  i said sure. he said when. i suggested that night, after my math exam.  
i wouldn't let him pick me up (he should thank me. it bypassed my dad's interrogation)

so we met at school, and i let him drive from there.  let me tell you there was so much awkward that night!  you want an example? oh, ok.. um... here's part of our conversation--- 
me: "so what's your favorite movie?" *stuff a huge sushi roll into mouth* him: "oh, Dark Night. no question!  it's the best" *finish chewing* her: "oh, cool!  So what's your favorite movie?"  
yeah. that happened on our first date. and he still asked me on  a second date. probably just so he could be entertained by my awkwardness...  

all of that to say-- 4 years later i am still just as awkward. and just as blessed to have that cute guy in my life.  this year we're engaged. but we decided to always celebrate our "december 9th" because we want to date each other for the rest of our lives. 
i love you trev, thanks for asking me out in that smelly library, and for making me laugh better than anyone else can.
--here's to us, babe--





  1. Clancy!! Love this post and story!

    XOXO! See you when I'm home!! :)

  2. I finished this reading with a big smile on my face! :D I 'm so happy for you two! can't wait to see you next year!!