i mustache you a question.

ok, not really, but i couldn't think of a better title for this post because--- 
it's about mustaches!  
i was reading over at tippee canoe and stumbled across a post of hers about movember.  now, i've always heard about (and experienced) no shave november.  but movember?! never.  
i like it a lot more than no shave november, because rather than men just having excuses of growing things on their faces all for the sake of the month of the year, or just to keep their faces warm, they are raising awareness for mens health.  
(and lets face it girlies, who needs an excuse not to shave in the winter?!)

with my experience in nursing school, some of men's health issues are silent in the body, until it's too late.  so, movember raises awareness for those health issues.  

here's my main man sporting his mustachio in ghana this summer...
(he didn't need much encouragement to do it again for movember!)

stay healthy and hairy, men! 
(and go get your prostate checked)

and happy saturday :)

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  1. im so glad i stumbled upon your blog and that your name is clancy!
    my beloved pup was Mr. Clancy and i've always wanted to maaaaaybe one day name a future child Clancy. i love, love, love it! so irish!
    and movember is the best month of the year!

    xo the egg out west.