stepping out, and apple cider vinegar.

practice. practice.
that's what i'm doing these days. 
practice throwing out inhibitions.
i'm afraid i care too much about what others think.
"what do they think of me when i wear this shirt? paired with these shoes??"
it's something I struggle with on the daily.
some mornings i revert to my typical, boring v-neck tee and chino shorts.
because it's easy.
even though I would rather wear something else. 
something that makes me feel more confident and more me.
this summer i'm challenging myself to step out of my comfort zone.
so here I go... stepping out. 
this week i stepped out.  
and i was so happy.
so confident.
so me.

apple cider vinegar.
i'm using it on my face!!!
yup. I read about it over here
i'm on day 2. and i heard that it may cause nasty breakouts at first.
(because the vinegar brings all the icky stuff to the surface of your skin.)
but if you can suck it up for a week or two,
your face will thank you. 
also. i wouldn't recommend it if you can't stand the smell of vinegar.
the smell does go away though.
I'll letcha know how it goes this week.
p.s. you have to use organic apple cider vinegar. with the mother.
it's key.

if you try it let me know!! 


  1. WOW. I'm a fan of stepping out :)

    And I'll be sure to find some organic apple cider vinegar before I try!

    1. Trev, I have plenty!! I'll share when you get home :)

  2. Girl, you look so dang cute! Walk with confidence because this outfit rocks! Thank you so much for the encouraging comment on my post :) It really means a lot!