one month

....until school starts. ugh. don't even want to think about it.
not wanting to think about it, i had a dream about it! not cool, ok dreams?

at the beginning of every summer my brain starts reeling with to-do lists, and everything I want to accomplish during the whirlwind of a summer coming up.
i never write the list, just keep it jumbled in my head.
i might be afraid that if i write it out, i'll see it months later and fee like a slacker.
i almost never accomplish everything on that said list. i know, very unfortunate.
this summer, however, i am wishing i wrote out my summer list, because (pay attention)
i'm actually doing things! 
there's a first for everything people.

currently i am putting the finishing touches on tons of little crafties for my bestie's bridal shower, there is a first coat of paint on my bathroom walls, i am heading out today to buy diy supplies to finish off that bathroom of mine.  it doesn't sound like a whole lot, but inbetween working, and trying to relax a little, i'm feeling quite accomplished lately.
i hate to say that boyfriend being gone has upped my productivity, but it might have. (sorry, boyfriend) but when he comes home in 12 days (count it! twelve days!!!!), there will be the opposite effect. and i'm ok with it :)

here's a little sneak-peek of the color happening in my bathroom!  i'm over the moon excited! (my bathroom has been white for 23 years, guys. bo-ring!)
and we like to get a little silly when we do projects around the house. gotta have some fun! :)

do you make summer lists?? if so, what's on yours this time around?

side note!!!(per boyfriend's request)  that little note on the was was to boyfriend, he got the first look at the color ;)

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  1. did you want to mention who that little note on the wall was for??