friday letters

dear spring break, thanks for showing up finally!  i wish you could stick around longer (long enough to actually warm up) but i guess i should get this semester over with, huh?
speaking of the semester...
dear school, i'm so tired of you and your shenanigans.
dear family, i love you. i'm so thankful for the time we had together this week. playing on the beach, and our annual easter egg hunt were the highlights of the trip. oh, and taco night.  it's always a highlight. the next time we'll be all together is for my wedding!!! eek!
dear derriere, sorry about the road tripping that happened this week.  i wish you would stop falling asleep though.  thats just weird.
dear Pop's resturant, your fried pickles. are. da. bomb. which brings me to...
dear working out, it's just you and me now, pal.  no exceptions.   i've got a wedding dress to wear this summer!
dear exam.... i'm going to kick your little tush this next week. just wait and see!


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  1. Oh, working out. It's a love hate thing really.