i'm not dead

...my blog just looks like i am.
i've just been a little (lot) bit busy.
last week was full of either working, or squeezing in an extra hour here or there with the globe-trotting-world-saving boyfriend i call my own. and maybe i slept for an hour or two. i can't really remember.

THIS week though... i have been doing positively, abstatutely nothing. all while lounging on a beach with my sunglasses, a book, and peace&quiet. pure bliss i tell you.
since i took the time to get dressed a whopping 3 times this week, i don't have many pictures. but i will throw a little vacay re-cap up verrrry shortly.
until then, a very un happy weekend from me to you. (i'm only un-happy because my vacation is ending... not. ready. to. face. the. real. world.)

{and hello to you, boyfriend:) i'm counting down the days until you're mine again!}

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