Watch out India: Here we come!!!

Some background info:

One of my closest girlfriends, Laura Wilson called me one rainy afternoon with a wild idea... her first words were "ok, is this a good time?" "uh..I'm driving. whats up?" "lets go to India this summer! Seriously. Wanna go?" Yeah, talk about surprise!! I told her that in fact it was not a good time and I would have to call her back. Two days later she was at my house with a spread sheet of all the info plus some! From that point, we had only one day to decide before air fare went up! The next afternoon we sat down and bought our plane tickets exactly one month before we would leave. I couldn't believe this was happening!

Laura's Grandfather is the founder of an organization called World Class Cities Ministries, and one of their closest family friends is the India Field Director. His name: Jaideep Jesudoss. Location: Bangalore, India. We would be staying with Jaideep, his wife Yamena, and their daughter Aiyana for one week while we toured India, and were involved in their thriving, God glorifying ministry.

Over the next month, we mailed support letters, gathered travel-sized everythings, got our shots(4!!) and did everything else required before traveling to the other side of the world. Before we knew it, it was time to pack our bags, and say good bye to our comfortable homes, and familiar faces.

So, with bags packed, and passports in hand, we said our last goodbyes. Both of us being SO excited, the goodbyes weren't all that difficult.(dont tell my parents!) Standing in Dulles International air port, it finally hit me. We were on an adventure of a lifetime! So excited to see what God had in store for us there was little room for doubts or second thoughts. We were going to INDIA!

Our first leg of the trip took us to Frankfurt, Germany where we had our first taste of international airports, broken English, and unusual smells. Our first priority, to find a bathroom, where we could brush our teeth, and freshen up!
It took us a while to get checked in, through security, and to our next gate but once we got there we had time to relax and write in our journals a little bit. It was there, at the gate that it hit me. We were the only 2 fair skinned, blond haired, blue eyed girls in sight, and this is how it would be for the next 8 days. I knew we would be, but when I actually realized it, "oh my gosh, what are we doing???" ran through my head over and over again. There was no turning back! The plane parked out side was there to take us to Bangalore, and I couldn't do anything to change that. Little did I know, this wouldn't be my last mini-panic attack!

More to come... Finally in Bangalore!

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