...liebster blog award!  yup, its an award that goes to little blogs like mine with less than 200 followers as a way of getting to know each other a little more and getting our names out there.  heck, i could be eligible for the the blog award for blogs with less than 5 followers... if there was such a thing.

thanks m, for nominating me. i can't nominate her, but you should still go check out her blog!

ok, the way it works... the nominator asks 5 questions, and the nominee(meee) answers them along with 5 random facts about herself.  I then nominate 5 other lucky-duck blogs and ask my own 5 questions.  and the cycle continues... so for the fun part:

+ why did you decide to start a blog? (i know it is a repeated question but i think it is interesting to hear how people decide to start their blogs) 
i first started a blog when i traveled to India with my friend, and wanted a way for friends and family to hear about my trip, and to document the stories for myself.  then my blog just sat for a while. i was that creeper blog reader who didn't comment, and didn't post, and decided that needed to change. so there.

+  if you could be one disney character for a day, which would you be and why? (you know you've thought about it)  
well to be honest, i haven't thought about that much lately.  but i can tell you i always wanted to be pochahontas.  because i mean, who wouldn't want to swan dive off of an enormous waterfall and not die?!

+ craziest thing you have ever done. if you had a partner in crime, who was it?
well. i've done lots of crazy things. i'm talkin, looooots. because, what fun is life if you're not a little crazy sometimes?! my partner in crime is usually my friend lauren, or my mom. my mom is a crazy lady. (probably where i get it!)

guilty pleasure? 
sleeping in. watching tv and not getting up(for anything). lounging on a beach alllll day. need i keep going?  basically, my guilty pleasures include doing absolutely nothing. and it's the best if it includes being home.

+ what are your top three favorite blogs to read?
ummm. i love so many.  only 3?  this is difficult! ok, 1 2 3!
i love emily's blog, because she is organized, and so creative.  I've made SO many of her recipes, they're simple, but oh so yummy!
ruthie is the sweetest, most honest little wife, and i so appreciate the way she lives her life with so much love for those around her.
casey has the cutest little family, and her raw emotion is so beautiful.  i can't stop reading.
*go visit these ladies, you'll fall in love*


+ i can't sleep without a fan on.  even in the winter.
+ eggplant gives me heartburn.
+ i love road trips.
+ i never went to a high school dance.
+ i can't function without at least one cup of coffee in the morning.


(some of these ladies just hit 200, but i still love their blogs, and thought this could be a little celebration for them of their achievement!)

questions for my nominees.
+ who inspires you?
+ what 5 items would you take to a deserted island, and why? 
+what are 5 things on your bucket list that you have yet to do?
+what was a highlight of your childhood/favorite memory?
+where is your favorite place to be?

don't forget 5 random things about yourself, and to leave me a comment so i know when you post!  looking forward to reading your answers :)


  1. Hey! Just answered your questions on my blog! Check it out! Such a cool way to share thoughts and get our blogs out there!!

  2. congrats on the award, girl! and i loved getting to know you more. and pocahontas in the bomb ;)
    xo TJ