i hate shoe shopping.  i know i know, how can i be a girl (a girly girl at that) and not loooove shoe shopping, you ask?  it probably isn't what you're thinking though.  it's not that i don't like shoes.  i love them!  but i love them so much that i want everything, and can't pick just one (or two or 3 pairs.)  so, my wardrobe and i have come to a cross roads.  i survived last fall/winter season without buying new shoes, but the time has come to replace some of my shoes.
this is where you come into the picture.  what's the one pair of shoes you're excited to slip into this coming season?!  new, or all time favorite-can't-live-without pair...

now that i've exposed a little bit of my crazy...

this is a pair i'm currently contemplating. what do you think?


  1. They look like my old uniform shoes(Bucks) with some extra style!! I think they're cute!

  2. Love these! I want them. where are they from?

  3. those are pretty sweet... but what would you wear them with??

  4. I think you should by them! :)

  5. Please get these!!! I got a pair of leopard flats, but wish I would have gotten a loafer style.