hasta la vista january!

i did it!  guys, i made it through januray with no body aching, throat scratching illness, and without living in my bed under the covers the whole month.  because i could.  (seriously.  i love my bed, guys) last year a barely made it out of the death grip that is called pneumonia. glad that didn't repeat it's self!
so... here's to february!!  the month of looove. and the month where school gets real tough.  and one month closer to spring!  i know i'm just rambling, but i love spring. and there are so many wonderful things happening once spring comes. (graduation, bridal showers. bachelorette parties, and so many weddingssss!)
i think the only thing that got me through january was that little trip i took with my girlfriends. to the bahamas. it was warm, lots of sun to be had, and i loved every single second of it!  and because i want to go back sooo badly, i will leave you with some pictures.

 {the captains reception. free champagne, guys!}
 {our beeeautiful ship}

{our scooter had a flat tire and we were stranded on the sidewalk}
 {i love these girls! and that water... :)}

 {my gorgeous friend. maid of honor. and soul sister.}
 {that's atlantis!}

 {i'm pretty sure we weren't supposed to be on this beach. but it sure was fuuuuun!}

 {so glad we never crashed!}

 {who wouldn't take a pit stop for a corona?!}

{until next time!} 

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  1. Clancy! It looks like you ladies had a blast! I would love to take a girl's vacation one of these days! So fun :)