boyfriend's birthday.

this past weekend was a crazy one!  friday-sunday was spend celebrating boyfriend's birthday, and his best friend's birthday too.  there was lots of manliness, whipped-cream faces, cake, home-made  pasta, roof-top bars, rain, birthday kisses(only for boyfriend, not best friend) bloody mary's, brunching, driving, and lots of time spent with my absolute favorite people.  here's some of the (many) pictures!

the dads... i made them go back out side after they had taken all but one of the burgers off.

unfortunately the waitress was too busy to re-take this picture... the shutter shadows will have to stay.

$5 bloody mary's... say whaaa?!

the birthday boys' girlfriends.

my best ladies. seriously, love these women so so much! and our lemon drops. love those too! 

that birthday boy in the middle will always try to be taller than his not-so-little brothers. 

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