the lost pictures.

ah. at last... i remembered to get my camera out of boyfriend's glove box!
  a couple of weeks ago boyfriend knew that i needed some "us" time. time to talk, hold hands, and plain ol' enjoy each other's company.
so he showed up to my house un-announced, gave me instructions to "wear warm things that you can walk in, and maybe get dirty" and took me out.  
 (before he can take me anywhere i usually stand in front of my closet wondering what he possibly has in store, and how i should dress. what does "warm" mean anyway?! )
well i didn't spend too much time, because i was dying to go on an adventure with my man.
and adventure we did.

peaceful pathway to the patapsco river.

that blue sky!  it was deceptive though, because it happened to be freezing!!

...the only picture of me... ha. 

he's my favorite :)

this is what he does when i say "don't pose"

do you love surprises, or are you a planner and need every detail before hand??

me: BOTH!
 i always bug him for as many deets as possible without giving anything away. i like to be prepared, but i L.O.V.E. the thought he puts into surprising me. it is hands down the best. ever.

have a beautiful saturday!



  1. adorable! loving all the trees as well!

  2. I'm definitely both. I love to have my life planned and organized, but it's also nice to be surprised every once in a while! Love your pictures! I'm happy you had a great time :)