extra sparkle.

***this post was written on thursday afternoon... but! I still wanted to share it with you...  if you try this out i want to see pictures!!! 

my first task since spring break started, a whole 3 hours ago, was to pain my nails.  nursing school isn't polished-nails-friendly. unless of course it's clear, or a boring shade of nude.  you see.  i'm a girl that always used to go get her nails done (usually with my mom) so, i'm not particularly good at doing my own.  and really, i don't enjoy it. at all.  but today i was determined to paint my nails. and like it.  but didn't have a color that I really loved(because i always go get my nails done), so i mixed my own instead.   

The peach color is too translucent, so I added some white polish, and got a perfect light peach.(definitely different than boring nude)  

and I added some sparkle, just because ;) 

i mixed my polish in a plastic cup, then used the brush from the white polish to blend the two and paint my nails.  (i don't usually use the white anyway.) 

annnd... 4 days later, a picture of the final result. (plus a lady bug, and some drift wood...)

to say this weekend was busy is an understatement.  finally seeing friends that i love, watching boyfriend play soccer, thrifting with mom, time with boyfriend and his family, dad's birthday, a day trip to the eastern shore (complete with crabs and hush puppies!) and topped it all of with watching Pirates of the Caribbean 1&2 last night with my family. 
 love that family of mine.
  pictures soon to come of this crazy weekend!

happy monday!

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  1. Cute idea to spiff up the nailpolish. Followed the blog, hope you don’t mind. And who knows, maybe you’ll visit me someday too.