i'm sorry but not sorry.

yup.  this semester was all that it stacked up to be, and more! (see last post for the stack of text books i spend too much time with)   just about everything that has happened this semester so far, was not what i heard about nursing school.  no one tells you about the incredible emotional/psychological/physical roller coaster you are on!  seriously people.  a warning would have been nice.  i actually don't know if that would make a difference... 
so with that... I will say i've wanted to come back, but have had little will power, and or brain power when it comes to blogging.  
but! yesterday, the boyfriend surprised me and drove to my house when i got home from school and took me out on a real, live, date! it was the best kind too... we explored. we talked. we laughed. and we ATE.  bam! perfect date.  i took pictures of this perfect date, to show you, but my camera is currently sitting in the boyfriend's glove compartment of his car, allllllll the way at his school. (a little exaggerated. but you get the idea?)  

so for now. i'll leave you with these. some of my favorite people doing what we do best.

happy wednesday to you!



  1. ha, yes, i love funny pictures!!
    and can't wait to see the pictures that are hiding on your camera back in your BF's car! yay for surprise dates ;)
    xo TJ