summer reading.

this summer i plan on working. a whole. lot.  and i have a couple DIY projects brewing too(i'll keep you updated on those!)   but other than that, i just plan on doing a whole lot of this...

and in just about a month I'll be doing that here...

but with so many good books out there I need help!  what's on your summer reading list?
being the nerd that i am, the only books on my radar lately are text books(lame!).
unfortunately this will be on my summer list...

(annnd no, i have not read the hunger games yet. but they are at the top of my list!)
so tell me, what's your favorite classic, or brand-spankin-new summer read(s)???


  1. haha, I love that an NCLEX review book is on your summer read list. :) How soon are you to taking it?

    1. I still have 2 semesters left. Just some prep work ;) did you use a prep book, if so which one??