that time where you kind of want to rewind 3 years...

boyfriend had his LAST undergrad class today at UMD!  i am soooooo proud of him :)  
i will miss my favorite study buddy while i'm in school next year, and he's off doing grown-up things...  like working.  
i'll miss those long days/nights in the library with him. studying, and maybe not studying, sometimes people watching. ok, usually people watching. 
that library... where the kids were too loud, the internet was too slow, and the library lady actually was mean.  
 without boyfriend, that library just. isn't. the. same.  
some of my favorite memories are from that little library at school. we even celebrated our 1 year anniversary there with take-out sushi while studying for finals. come on, if that's not the best date, i don't know what is! 
 so... to you trev, congrats! 
i'm excited for what's coming next for you!
{winners: most awkward couple faces!}

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