soaking up the sun

well.... i've been a little behind the 8 ball with wedding plans lately... thank you, nursing school.  
finally, we found a weekend to meet up with our wedding photographer to do a little engagement session :)  it was a gorgeous winter day in annapolis, and the only day with sun in about a week.  we were so blessed with the weather!  here are some of my favorites: 
photo dump anyone??

 (the 16 is because our wedding is on the 16th. har har)

thank you, Kyle for capturing these photos :) 

happy weekend, lovelies! 

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  1. I am so very sorry that I have JUST looked at these! OMG, how adorable!! I love the red coat, and I'm a sucker for coffee shop pictures :) Kinda reminds me of my engagement session ;) We are such bride twins!