NYC with this guy.

Trevin and I found it hard to think of Christmas gifts to each other this year, so we decided to have a combined gift and go to New York.  I might venture to say it was the best idea ever... 
love this guy :) 

I love this city in the winter.  The coooold city, bundling up, grabbing a hot cup of something every other block, and if you time it right, the Christmas decorations!  Unfortunately this year, because of our school schedule, we didn't make it for the Christmas stuff, but regardless, it was a great 2 days with my guy :) and boy did we cover a lot of ground! 

We saw a wedding at Grand Central Station

We strolled through Central Park

Got suckered into buying tickets to a comedy show...
Something neither of us would usually do.

He pretended to be a super hero in the Subway Station (also a first for both of us!)

Stumbled upon Argo tea, which I've read so much about on Elm Street Life.   


Loved Greenwich Village and it's charm.  Oh, it was just so wonderful.   I wish we had more time to explore, and visit SoHo!  Thankfully we had great advice from Trevin's Uncle who is practically a local and gave us the must see spots.
I say that's enough reason for a trip back, huh? yes :)

Ate THE BEST PIZZA ever at Joe's. Seriously, so good!
After pizza, we also went to the Blind Tiger just a few blocks away... the coziest little tavern
with a fire place and some delicious beers on tap. And by some I mean 37.  

Almost froze waiting for the bus. 

Ate a street vendor dog. (I did not participate in this part of the trip)

There were so many other great things we did but it was so darn cold we kept our hands in our pockets most of the time and didn't take as many pictures as usual.
NYC, we will be back very soon.

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